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TRACI.net offers a unique VoIP broadband telephone solution for small to medium-size businesses. We can provide your company with a cloud IP-PBX system that takes the place of traditionally expensive telephone equipment found in telephone rooms today. Your employees are no longer bound to one location as phones can be placed anywhere in the world that has a broadband internet connection.

TRACI.net also offers personal customer care, leaving behind the long hold times of traditional telephone companies. Cutting edge technology, great customer care and local and long distance savings! What are you waiting for? Contact TRACI.net today!

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Voice over IP is a refined technology that allows high quality telephone calls to be made over high-speed internet access lines. This allows for multiple office locations and telecommuters to integrate with the central office and enjoy the benefits of reducing or eliminating costly long-distance fees.

Key Benefits:
  • VoIP virtually eliminates domestic long distance charges.
  • VoIP allows for integration of physically separate offices.
  • VoIP uses commonly deployed broadband Internet connections.
  • VoIP devices are easy to take with you and install wherever you may be.
  • VoIP broadband telephone service eliminates the overhead of maintaining your own PBX system.

Sample Scenario:

Your company is located in New York City, but your employees are scattered across the world. One of your receptionists works out of her home office in California. Your technical support team is located primarily at the home office in New York, but a few members are in South America and Europe. Your sales representatives are also located in various parts of the world.

How can you get all of these people in different parts of the world communicating on a central phone system without incurring astronomical long distance and international calling costs?

The answer is simple - VoIP, powered by TRACI.net. Our IP-PBX solutions will enable companies like yours to spread out their work-force geographically in ways that was impossible with traditional phone service.

You are now able to present a unified front to your customers by giving them access to the people they need to communicate with in a seamless manner, regardless of where they are. TRACI.net can make this happen.

With the ability to provide local phone numbers across 90% of the United States, whether you need a local phone number in South Florida or South Dakota, TRACI.net is ready to customize your IP-PBX solution.
Contact us today!

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