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Introducing DocCall Medical Answering Services. A new service powered by TRACI.net! DocCall is a custom tailored, fully automated Answering Service designed specifically for Medical Professionals and their needs. It gives you the efficiency of an answering service, yet allows you to maintain the level of personal attention your patients need.

What are the Benefits?
  • No hardware to buy or maintain
  • Emergency calls are forwarded directly to the cell phone or other number of the person on call
  • Ability to return patientsÂ’ calls showing your office Caller-ID
  • Can be forwarded to voicemail with paging
  • Voicemail stored for 7 Days
  • Copy of voicemail sent to E-mail
  • Easily change the person on call
How Does it Work?

A basic set up would look like this...

What Does it Cost?

You can get started with No Long-Term Contract for as little as $99.95 per month, which includes 4000 minutes of usage. A $100.00 one-time programming fee will apply.

Need More Information?

What Voice Messaging information would you like?

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