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Everyone's needs are the same - whether you spell it co-location, colocation, or collocation. You and your servers need: a solid, screaming-fast network with redundant connections, unrelenting 24x7 customer service, and competitive pricing.

At the core of our colocaton network, our routers and switches are connected via gigabit infrastructure running OSPF. This virtually eliminates the risk of a single point of failure. Externally we have multiple connections to a variety of Tier One providers. This is extremely important in the colocation industry. It also gives us the availability to turn up additional bandwidth to your colocated servers as needed at a much faster pace than most facilities.

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Within our data centers, TRACI.net has multiple fiber connections which cross connect to various national and international carriers for backbone connectivity running BGP-4 with our peers to insure the availability of our network. No single provider can ensure 100% uptime, that is why we diversify our connectivity through multiple carriers.

We offer multiple data center locations to meet your needs. Within the data centers, our architecture scales at a pace equally aggressive to the increase of our customers' bandwidth requirements. We run a Cisco powered network with redundant routers at the core and Layer 3 switches with Gigabit interconnection to ensure 99.9% uptime of our network. All maintenance is scheduled at our lowest traffic times and typically is completed with virtually no effect on network performance.

Our Data Centers run redundant environmental and power systems with generator backup to ensure advanced power system protects against all nine power problems: Power Failure (A total Loss of utility power), Power Sag (short-term low voltage), Power Surge (also known as spike), Undervoltage (also know as a Brownout which can cause reduced voltage from a few minutes to a few days), Overvoltage (increased line voltage for extended periods of time), Electrical Line Noise (high frequency waveform interference), Frequency Variation (a change in frequency stability), Switching Transient (instantaneous undervoltage shorter in duration than a spike measured in nanoseconds) and Harmonic Distortion (distortion of the normal waveform).

The cooling environment of our facilities is controlled by redundant chillers and air handlers to ensure the optimum server environment. Access to our data centers is controlled 24x7. No one will enter our facility without proper credentials on an access list that you provide.

TRACI.net provides you with the reliability, performance and scalability required to give you the freedom to maintain your mission-critical operations and to focus on your core business.

TRACI has colocation packages starting at $100 for the Start-Up bandwidth user, but can accommodate Enterprise users of all levels.

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